2018-19 Program Curriculum Plan

Clinical Healthcare Services
WebXam (Technical Skill Attainment)

Program: Clinical Health Care Services
Area of Concentration: JM

Below is the list of WebXams required for state reporting: 25MC

Optional teacher notes regarding WebXams (Technical Skill Attainment):

Industry Credentials/Certifications (Prepared for Success)

Industry Credentials offered within Career Technical Program Assessment Area Code Completed during Grade or Period 9,10,11,12 Semester 1,2
AMCA Patient Care Technician 12 CJ59 11,12 1,2
12 industry credential points combined with the required WorkKeys score is one pathway to graduation.
Test Grade or Period Test Name Is there a college course aligned to this HS course?
72060 11 Lifespan Development & Medical Intervention
72150 11 Medical Terminology yes
72035 12 Principles of Allied Health
72050 12 Patient Centered Care

College Credits (Prepared for Success)

College Credit potentially earned within Career Tech Program Credit Hours Completed during Grade or Period 9,10,11,12 Semester 1,2
CTAG CTMT001 Medical Terminology* 3 12 1,2
MAST 1101 Intro to Medical Assisting 3
MAST 2218 Medical Billing & Coding 2
CSCI 1101 Key Boarding 1
English Comp 101 3 12 1
English Comp 102 3 12 2
Chemistry 1151 4 12 1,2
*This credit can be used at any 2 or 4 year college in Ohio provided the student has made a “C” or better in the CT course and has scored a 61 or higher on the WebXam. It must be accessed within 3 years of completion of the Career Tech course.