GED Vouchers

GED Vouchers

Southern Hills Joint Vocational School GED Voucher Program

January 1, 2014 marked the launch of the new Computer Based GED® testing process which now costs $120. Fortunately, there are $80 GED test vouchers available to first-time test takers.

To take advantage of this financial assistance, participants must contact a Career-Technical Planning District for career and educational guidance prior to scheduling and paying for the 2014 Computer Based GED® test.

Southern Hills CTC GED® Voucher Contact Information:
If you have questions about the voucher, taking the GED, or want to make an appointment to explore your options, call Linda Burton, Post-Secondary Secretary, at 937-378-6131 ext. 357, or email her at

GED Voucher Request:
Please fill out this form in order to request an $80 voucher from the Ohio Department of Education toward the computer-based GED test. In order to qualify, we need to ask a few standard questions and provide you with the opportunity for career and educational guidance.


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Reason for taking GED

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