Wall of Fame

Southern Hills CTC Wall of Fame

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Jeffrey L. Fite Ag. Mechanics 1977

Perianne Fulton Germann Commercial Art 1977

Shannon Gast Ag Mechanics 1977

Barney Neal Ag Mechanics 1978

Dave Stutz Ag Mechanics 1978

Sue Bailey Waits Machine Trades 1979

Gregory Haitz Electrical 1979

Randy Hiler Graphics 1979

Robert Morgan Carpentry 1979

Melinda Garrison Dunkin Clerk-Steno 1980

Mark Davis Automotive 1980

Sandy Johnson Ladenberger Cosmetology 1980

Tina Huber Whitaker Clerk Typist 1980

Angie Vance Cosmetology 1980

Julie Wiederhold  Evans Restaurant Mgmt/Marketing   1980

Arlene Workman Crum Executive Secretarial 1980

Miles Plymesser Ag Mechanics 1980

Mike Gilkerson Heating & Air 1981

Tim Koehler Automotive 1981

Dave Lawrence Automotive 1981

Christopher Alexander Electrical 1982

Mike Ober Electrical 1982

Rodney Swearingen Carpentry 1982

Tim Woolard Carpentry 1982

Diane Campbell Brandenburg Cosmetology 1983

Pete Edgington Criminal Justice 1983

Rose Edgington Cooperative Skills Develop. 1983

Russell Stegbauer Automotive 1984

Tony McDaniel Carpentry 1985

Jim Bailey Machine Trades 1986

Phillip Ball Automotive 1986

Melissa Phillips Kirkpatrick Executive Secretarial 1986

Randy Doss Machine Trades 1987

Jeffery Roades Machine Technology 1987

Bob Hamblen Carpentry 1987

Ronald Stroop Machine Technology 1987

Bronson Barker Machine Technology 1988

Chris Sidwell HVAC 1988

Mike Day Graphics 1989

Rodney Gray Automotive 1989

Bobby Johnson Criminal Justice 1989

Tom Swope Automotive 1990

Duane Weyand Criminal Justice 1990

KayCe Nave Marketing 1991

Stefan Talley Graphics 1991

Annie McFadden Weathers Cosmetology 1991

Dawn Davis Newman Cosmetology 1993

Shasta Whaley Skirvin Cosmetology 1993

Candice Bigalow McConnaughey Cosmetology 1994

Melissa Holton Layman Marketing 1994

Melanie Carter Early Childhood Ed 1995

Dan Mitchell Marketing 1995

Tosha Kattine Newberry Cosmetology 1997

Chad Varney Machine Trades 1997

Lindsay Hill Isles Executive Secretarial 1998

Terry Miller Early Childhood Ed 2001

Nolan Williams Machine Technology 2002

Hailei Call Cosmetology 2007